Brief Journey History

"Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps, if you're not willing to move your feet."


A Brief History of the Journey In Christianity Retreat Weekend

This retreat weekend, Journey in Christianity, developed out of the Cursillo in Christianity.  Cursillo means short course in Spanish.  Cursillo was started in Spain and brought to the United States in the mid 1960's.

The traditional Cursillo weekend begins on Thursday instead of Friday.  Also, the men make their weekend a few weeks before the women do - on separate weekends.

Since we are different in our format and not exactly the same as the traditional Cursillo, we felt it was appropriate to call ourselves "Journey in Christianity".

We continue to minister in the California Central Valley and the Stockton Diocese with the blessing of our priests and our Bishop.

Since our roots are in Cursillo, the weekend is sprinkled with Spanish words, song and custom.

Webster's dictionary defines the word "Journey" as travelling from one place to another. We find throughout scripture that "Journey" is a repeated theme.

  • In Exodus, the Israelites journeyed from place to place and finally to the Promised Land.
  • In the Gospels, Jesus journeyed throughout the land proclaiming the "kingdom is at hand."
  • In the book of Acts, we find the Apostles continuing to journey as they spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

And this tradition is carried on down to the present day.  Even in the history of the state of California, we see evidence of the Franciscan priests bringing our faith to us, journeying from place to place-establishing missions.  Figuratively, our individual lives are a journey, passing through life.

This weekend will be an experience of Journeying in Christianity - looking at Christianity and reflecting on what it’s all about.  Learning about ourselves - sharing with one another - learning about community ... and about what Jesus and the Catholic Church teach.